Hello, all. I thought that I might use this update opportunity to both educate you about underground comics and amuse you. This update is all about
Michael Kupperman

"Well," you might say, "whoop-de-do." But you have yet to read any of his comics. His most famous strip (*winks at Raye*) is Up All Night. Here's a sample:

Snake and Bacon

Ha ha ha! Now didn't that just amuse you to no end? No? Well, then as Satan, I say to you, "Go to hell." Ha ha ha. Now that amused me. But seriously, you might need some more convincing. So here's another great Kupperman comic:

The Narcotic Murderers

That is one of my personal favorites. You may have noticed in that one that he signed his name P. Revess. Well, it's still Michael. That's just his pseudonym. I think that you need yet another comic, so here's TWO more for you nutty SM fans; I present Underpants-On-His-Head-Man in two separate and equally thrilling adventures:

Journey Into Adventure


Woo, that was almost too much excitement. A little background on Mr. Kupperman: he lives in New York! Yes, New York, the same state in which They Might Be Giants live. In fact, I first heard of him because he did the TMBG t-shirt that I own. Now wasn't that an exciting story? NO?!?!?! I think you need yet another comic!

Funky Obsessed Robot

For those of you that did not know, Peter Falk is an actor, known for his role as Columbo. Doesn't that make it all the more amusing? It should. Ok, that is enough comics for you. It would be horrible to overexpose you to such hilarity and cause you some kind of pain. Remember, these comics should only be used to induce pain when you feel like it, and I don't feel like it. So there.

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