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Wow, it's been a while since I've seriously updated. At least I have a kinda good reason this time. I was over at Peggy's house (yes, the one who drew me as seen in that logo on the main page) and Val brought over this random tape that she has called Yuna. Basically, it's a random Sailor Moonish thing, but it's more like Sailor Moon mated with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers then took some bad 80's crack. According to the Internet Movie Database, it was released in Japan in 1995, so it's not old enough to justify it being as odd as it is. But I really enjoyed it. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy something this odd and stupid, Sailor Moon fans? So, since I happened to have my trusty Snappy with me, I took a few screen shots for your Moonish viewing pleasure.
Note: This page takes a rather longish time to load, unless you have a rather speedy modem. You may want to take this opportunity to get a snack.

Giant Yuna...Ooooooh...

This picture is from early in the first episode on the tape, which had three eps total. Yuna gave a big rock concert on Christmas. Too bad she can't sing worth crap...

Can I drink Barium?

This shot is from when Yuna and her friends visit the hospital because the school burned down and a lot of people they know are there...her "robot companion", Yuri, who eats anything and everything, asks if she can consume some Barium. Yum.

Yes, everyone in this is female

This is a screen shot from the last musical number on the tape...evidently, Yuna has an entirely female cast, except for the two .5 second shots of Yuna's father. They all lined up (totally at random, mind you) and sang. Did I mention that they are all off-key and come in late? I was laughing so hard at this point that my friends started to kick me.

Looks good enough to eat...them

Here's where they are trying to assimilate Ayako into normal society. They take her to the mall and an amusement park. Too bad she's an android that wanted to kill them all a few days ago...

The ending credits of the show

The ending credits to Yuna are soooo kickass. It's a bunch of little crayon-ish pictures of Yuri and a cat and food and her house, and she sings a song about how much she likes to eat.

The end of the last ep on the tape

This is the pic at the end of the last episode on that tape. It's basically the grand finale to the last musical number.

Yuna crying

Here's Yuna crying, after a really sad part that I'm not going to tell you about so you'll go watch Yuna. Yeah, I'm sure that worked.

Don't eat my hand!

This is a shot of Lia (who become Polylina, the superchick that throws roses and seems to have made a romantic impression on Yuna and Yuri...sound like any Tux-clad super-guys that we know?) reviving Yuri after a battle by giving her a ding-dong. Too bad that Yuri nearly ate Lia's entire hand.

Munch munch

Yuri attempts to cheer up Ayako, and in the process, munches on a large sausage that she just happens to carry in her pocket. Can we say random? Unless maybe she's really a german android...

Would you like an Altoid?

Yuri shares her homemade food-ish stuff that she made in home-ec with a starving Yuna...too bad she added a ton of Tabasco sauce to it.

It's Jem! Or is it the Misfits?

For some reason, the general color-scheme/outfits in this shot reminds me of the 80's. Esp. that show Jem and the Holograms. Remember that? *evil grin* The 80's were so much fun.

Mighty Morphin Sailor Scouts...

This is a random evil chick...pretty much most of their "super" outfits have the "waaaay too much white plastic" vibe that just screams "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

She has a nice profile

This is a profile shot of the same chick.

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Can we say 2001: A Craq Odyssey? The monolith shall guide all of humanity...even the ones with bad hair stuck in messed up anime.

Wow, Tuxedo Chick, you're soooo hunkie!

This is Yuri losing her cool over Lia in disguise. Too bad she doesn't know it's really Lia in actual quote from this scene, spoken by one or the other: "Let's make beautiful music together!" This is from right before the Christmas rock concert.

The 80's? Naaawwww

I love the smiley on the back of Ayako's nightgown! It's just so....Eighties!

Santa Yuri is coming to town

Yuri introduces Yuna before the concert, but ends up screwing up and eating instead. Ah well. She's wearing this little Santa outfit thingy during the intro.

Random Street Scene

This scene was more or less an accident with the Snappy, but I kept it for its fun 80's vibe.

Teacher, could I get that extension now?

As far as I can tell, the chick lying prostrate on the floor is one of Yuna's teachers who was stuck guarding the school while Yuna was at the concert. She transformed into a super hero with bunny ears and a tail, brandishing a golf club for no apparent reason. I love this show! Ayako has a really funny line while she's harassing the teacher. She asks if Yuna is friends with the teacher, and the teacher starts babbling about how Yuna really wishes she could be HER friend, and Ayako shrugs and says, "Bitter, party of one." I enjoyed it, anyway.

I am Tuxedo Chick!

This is Polylina, aka Lia IRL.


This is Yuna hugging Ayako, right after she convinces her that she actually likes her, despite her evil ways.

In all seriousness, this was a really cool show, and I think that you should go buy/rent a copy and check it out. A link that will do a better job of explaining than this site is I watched the second tape. Good stuff.

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