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The Badly Lit Attic

Hello, all. Well, due to popular demand, the attic has been re-opened. This is actually the first site on the web that I've made that people have missed. Wow, I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy and entirely un-Satan-like. Ah well.

To complete the sensory experience that is The AtticŪ, I've added the option of listening to music while you peruse the page. For your listening edification, please select one of the following midis, both courtesy of They Might Be Giants:
Evil, scary music | Bouncy, happy music
It seems that I have developed carpel tunnel syndrome (or something similar to that and extremely painful) in my right wrist, so updates might be somewhat rare (or somewhat painful, depending on my dedication). But they'll still come. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at chfmitchel at hotmail dot com and I'll check it out.

Poll results are in. ^_^
Take care,

The results are in!

O_o. It seems that Haruka won. I don't even want to know.