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Wow, I hadn't realized that it had been 8 months since I'd updated. That's a long time, that is. Guess what? Michael Kupperman saw this page and sent me a book! He's an awesome amazing super-special guy!!! Many thanks to him for being both hilarious and generous.
In other news, I've been working on my school play lately, "Working." I guess that being a member of SMA requires you to eventually do something in theater.

The ladies aren't having any
Nobody's having any
Nobody's getting any
We have an opening
For a princess...

Thank you randomness. Now let's see, it's time for a random image file. What shall I insert? I know one! It's impossible to read, but amusing...perfect!
How to tie a bowtie!

Thanks to Josh for that one. What else...I know! I bet you want to see my Hamlet paper that I did for AP english. It sucked, but the page was pretty. It's a web review of Hamlet, and it has some funny links. Oh! This is really really scary:
Yes, that's actually the one and only Ricky Martin.

And since I obviously have nothing else to say (it's really late here...) I'll leave you with a pretty collage of stills from good music videos. As a special bonus, how many can you guess? It's a fun game! No, really!
-- Courtney