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Hello. I would like to use this update to introduce you all to a new inhabitant of the attic, the Fairy Princess. Here he is:
The Fairy Princess
(Actual Size)
The Fairy Princess acts as a moderator between me and my html code. If I suddenly have a strong desire to, for instance, KICK YOUR
Excuse me, but that is entirely inappropriate. I will strongly suggest that you refrain from doing that, Courtney. Or I might get a tad miffed.
Sigh. See? Oh, look! It seems some fans have read this page before I've actually posted it. They appear to have a question.

Random fan #1: Um, excuse me, but the Fairy Princess seems a bit...burly...any reason?
Courtney: Well, if he's supposed to subdue ME, he'll need some tone.

Random fan #2: What happens if I poke him?
Courtney: ::Evil grin:: Let's find out.

Random fan #2: ::poke poke::
Courtney, what are you doing? Who are these fan people? It's just you and your dog in that room, with Red Sonia on the tv. Who's poking me? Ow! Stop that! Ow! Damn it! ::flings several pounds of binary code at Courtney through monitor::
Ouch! Good thing that, as an actual person and a nerd that can understand binary code, that didn't hurt. Foolish Fairy Princess, forgetting that in the land of NotePad+ multiple people can live without him seeing them. Serves the fool right.
All right, Courtney. I think it's time for you to wrap up this page. In fact, here we go. Thank you all for reading this, and now it's time for Courtney to go back in her cage. I'll toss you a link back home.