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Have you seen X-Men yet? No? Then go see it, and come back and read this. Seen it now? Good, I can start, then.

I love this movie. I've seen it in theatres three times, and I never go to the movies. It's a great adaptation of the comics, and even above that, it's a great film. It deals with serious issues in a serious manner, has some of the best character development I've ever seen, and it's funny. And besides all of this, Rogue is amazing. But that could just be me. ^_~

Some people I know have been complaining that it sucks, but those people are generally teenaged males. I think it's because X-Men was billed as an action flick, and there is action, but the movie doesn't drip with it. I must say, though, that the action scenes rock. Watch for the one with Mystique and Wolverine. And Toad is played by Ray Parker, whom you probably know better as Darth Maul.

Halle Berry's accent as Storm sucks, but that's the fault of Tim Monich, her accent coach. She was kickass. Toad was just plain hilarious. I love his scottish accent. Thanks to it being authentic, it sounds much better. And everyone else was fine, except for Anna Paquin, who had a few rough spots with Rogue's southern accent. Oh well.
All of the villians were awesome. Mystique was genuinely creepy, Toad managed to be both cute and kickass, Sabretooth was amusingly brutish (Mommy, I did a bad thing!) and Magneto...well, he was great when he was being Erich, but as Magneto, he was so over-the-top that it made me and my friends fall over laughing. It was like "I am flying on magical cables! Mwahahahaha!"

In other Marvel news, Tobey Macguire was chosen to play Spiderman. At first, studio execs were reluctant, due to him being A PUNY NERD! So Tobey went off and hired a personal gymnastic trainer and got buff, so they hired him. Sigh. Fools.

Yes, I am fully aware of how little all of this relates to Sailor Moon, and I don't care. So there.