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Well, here I am, 3:34 in the morning at a sleep over, with everyone else in the other room watching Slayers. I decided to do something useful and update the attic. Too bad I have no pictures to use. Oh well. We exchanged gifts, and I got a really really cool Yuna tin from Val that she made. It's so cool! And lil Haruka and Michiru, excuse me, Alex and Michelle "fully articulated" adventure figures from DIC from Val, and a lil Monkey that walks around with cymbals. And Peggy gave me an awesome, awesome book. Since I have no pictures, I shall link you to a pic of the cover now:
Dust Covers

There. Isn't it cool? Well, I enjoy it. The pics inside are even cooler! Boy am I tired. And I've read it three times, and I'm listening to Batman Beyond, which I gave Peggy. Track 5, Farewells, is so cool. It's this awesome piano piece with an eerie chorus and an occasional electric guitar. The Batman Beyond CD case also looks cool, so here is a pic of that.
Batman Beyond

See? Pretty. Yes. So I am currently in a dark, evil mood. I want to go out walking under the full moon, but infortunately I am currently in Anderson, so I would probably get arrested or kidnapped and brainwashed. It is a scary, scary place. I have decided that I really need to work more on my writing. Maybe I'll post some here and both of the people that have actually seen this page can critique it. I'll set up a lil guestbook or something. Or you can email me, as usual, at chfmitchel at hotmail dot com with any comments. I really like how this is turning out to be a journal entry instead of an actual update. Oh well. I'm sure you enjoyed it anyway.
Side note: to get an idea of how I feel (well, it's a bit more melancholy than I feel right now, but quid quid) read this.
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