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Time for more updates! *evil grin* I can tell that you're excited. Today, we are going to interview Sailor Uranus, after DIC has brainwashe...uh, I mean dubbed her.

Uranus: Hello. My name is Alex.
Satan: So..."Alex"...does the name "Haruka" ring a bell?
Haruka? No, I don't think so...wait a moment. Isn't that a kind of pineapple-flavored dessert?
Are you a male or a female?
(thinks hard) I don't really recall. (looks in pants) It's rather difficult to tell...
(coughs) O-kay, that's enough of that topic. Do you recall Michiru?
Oh yes! I recall Neptune! She's my special friend!
(raises eyebrow) "Special friend"? Am I the only one not disturbed here? What do you remember about her, "Alex"?
She has such pretty green hair...and soft skin, and her eyes...(major eyebrow twitch) MICHIRU!!
Did something resurface?

At that moment, DIC burst in and hauled away "Alex", waving legal papers in my face and chanting Voodoo. I wonder when they're going to translate "SuperS"?

Allright, I Haruka, am willing to let Satan get away with this - for now - if only to illustrate the true evilness of Dic, b/c this is something they would really do. (And b/c it's funny.) But just remember, it's not wise to cross me. Ever. So be careful. And if you should happen to see that certain yellow car, or my motorcycle parked outside of your house, run away. Quickly.

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